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Terms of Use and Refund Policy :
Austria Vienna Puja (operative at www [dot] austriaviennapuja [dot] com, the ‘website’) is a Non-Profit Spiritual Guidance and Services website providing spiritual services with the sole purpose of enhancing devotion in the life of its members. All information provided on the website is for educational purposes only and is the sole copyright of the publisher and author/s. You may not reproduce any information provided without express written consent of the website owner. Through its website, Austria Vienna Puja provides assistance and guidance for spiritual practice. The website does not concern itself with profits or revenues of any kind and, as such, all donations are taken to be in good faith. By using the services provided, which are partially provided in service of the local Hindu temple, you understand that we cannot provide any refunds on donations. All donations given are used in conjunction with the website’s spiritual activities.


Sahadev Pandit
Astrology and Puja Services in Vienna

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