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What is our mission? Promoting Vedic way of life .Ancient Vedic culture was always so great and people used to be free from  sufferings,problems and stress.Those ways of living are meant to bring happiness,prosperity and spirituality into everyone’s life.  Vedic culture is so beautiful  that even you can perform Puja at your house.Our mission  is to build beautifully Shiva Shakti Temple in Vienna Austria where all people can benefit from the Lord grace. Today, many people have lost touch with the divine and are increasingly moving away from our roots of spirituality and religious identity. Here, we promote spiritual life and health and we always encourage people to advance on the path of spirituality. We provide all types of Puja services in Austria. All our donations as well as funds collected from Puja, Homam are meant for the maintenance and opening of Shiva  Shakti Temple in Vienna.Most often changing the position of planets makes changes in our life but it is possible to reduce the suffering and effect due to the unfavorable position of planets through sincere reliance on God. We help you doing different types of Puja by providing you experienced Hindu Priest and pundits not only in Austria but in Europe, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Germany etc. We provide all types of Puja in Austria for seeking divine intervention and paying homage to the powers of the Almighty. Puja is a way of purifying our own body and soul and doing Puja at home means purifying the whole house, one can fulfill one’s desires by doing Puja. However we turn it this way or another way suffering is always there. If we are rich or poor suffering is there ,if we have children or not suffering is there ,if we are young or old suffering is there .Conclusion of all Shastras is that suffering is unavoidable in this world. Fortunately Vedic Scriptures are there to help us and guide us .Modern believe by many people that Shastras are unpractical and only for olden age is ignorance and lack of proper understanding .Shastras are not depended on time, fashion, believes. Shastras are not printed in Office and composed by some IT company. Shastras or Vedas doesn’t have beginning or end. Nowadays People perform rituals and don’t know  what is the meaning behind it.Shastras are like traffic rules who help us to reach our  destination  more smoothly and quickly .Shastras are the way to achieve or destination and not the Goal .Once we deviate from the path of the Vedic scriptures we need to suffer. So how many person can follow Vedic Scriptures ?Minority for sure! Now days we can not expect that people can live pure like before they used to live. Now days purity is something what is very rare to see. If we really want to enjoy then this World is not suitable place for it. According to the Vedic Scriptures this world is called Mrityu Loka (Planet of Death). We find here Birth, Death, Diseases, Old Age and variety of different sufferings. This World is full of Problems and Tensions and Life brings unknown difficulties. For each enjoyment part of our pious credit is being reduced and for each suffering part of our impious credit is being reduced. Like that goes endless life after life. So where is the way out? Can I be happy in this World? Let me rise the question .Who managed to become happy and satisfied in this World? We can see from the example of the Ramayan, Mahabharata etc .So when even great Rishis, Kings, Sadhus didn’t managed to live happy and peacefully in this world so how we can manage it then? The way out is to overcome all the shortcomings and free our self’s from the clutches of this World by either surrendering ourselves to God or by chanting the Holy name in this Kali Yuga .Once we are liberated from rebirth cycle we can attain the Vaikuntha Planets (anxiety free place ).Our two eyes are focused towards the external world and its temporary attractions. External eyes cannot therefore reveal the magnificence and the majesty of the Spirituality.We need to develop internal Eyes. This body is subjected to diseases,old age,pain.Life is very unstable and goes very fast , wealth also comes and goes and can be destroyed in a moment. Half of this life goes in sleep. In childhood we are busy with playthings, in youth we are busy with romance and family, in old age we are busy with sickness and worries. Where is the man who is busy with God? Therefore one should start to do Bhakti in young age only and continue through the life until last breath. The human being gets this life after spending millions of lives in lower species. In this life also, it is the result of some Punya(good Karma) of previous life, if one’s mind is inclined towards Ram, Shiva, Krishna worship. Its very sad that in spite of knowing all this things we do not worship Ram, Shiva ,Krishna. If not now when then? All kinds of sorrows are destroyed by pronouncing the words Ram, Krishna, Shiva ,Panduranga. Whoever worships Lord with true devotion, he goes to Vaikuntha.

We are promoting spiritual life and healthy life  and we always encourage people to advance on the path of spirituality. We promote and strongly believe in :

DHARMA – Righteousness.

ARTHA – Acquisition of wealth by proper means and its right use.

KAMA – Fulfillment of noble desires.

MOKSHA – Liberation or the final Goal

BHAKTI – Complete pure Devotion to the Lord

NOTE: We are not selling Shalagram Shilas it is prohibited according to the Vedic Scriptures .Skanda Purana states(Person who sells Shalagram Shila will live in hell until the time of universal destruction).


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