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I ching is not something that somebody has to learn, so much as something somebody just has to do. It is a symbol-based divination system approx 3000 years old coming from China. It is based on a binary gate, a broken or unbroken line, formed in trigrams and hexagrams. In your divination we will be using I Ching Cards.I ching is actually a way of obtaining spiritual guidance, inspirational insight and Universal wisdom. It is made from 64 chapters, each concerning a corresponding ‘hexagram’ which presents a specific message. It is more central to Eastern culture than the Bible is to Western culture .Also it is older then the Bible. I Ching is an ancient sort of Chinese cosmology and philosophy.It is the oldest known form of divination and mysticism written in China before the time of Confucius. I Ching or Yi Jing (Yìjìng, Yiqing, I-Tsing or YiChing) , was a Tang Buddhist monk, originally named Zhang Wen Ming, who traveled by sea to India and studied at Nalanda for eleven years before returning with a set of as many as 500,000 Sanskrit stanzas. He translated quite 60 sutras into Chinese, including Saravanabhava Vinaya , Avadana , stories of great deeds , and Suvarnaprabhascottamaraja-sutra , Sutra of the foremost Honored King , He is also liable for the interpretation of 11 Buddhist tantras and eighteen works on monastic discipline, also as exegetic works. I Ching Reading isn’t “fortune telling” within the sense that it’s not attempting clairvoyance, or foreseeing your future. Any oracle that does claim clairvoyance has got to presume that you simply lack discretion which could alter the result , I Ching emphatically doesn’t make that presumption. Also,the I Ching is an ancient, not a replacement Age, oracle. It is not designed, like “Angel Cards,” to make you feel good in a vague, fuzzy way, but to pierce through to what’s really going on. It tells us what we need to hear, not necessarily what we want to hear .


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