Varahi Devi Sahasranama

Varahi Devi Sahasranamam or the thousand names of Shrī Varahi Devi expounding on Her greatness, can be recited by all facing great danger from enemies, both internal and external, as well as those facing deep difficulties and financial losses.She grants all wishes, removes our ego and punishes all evil afflicting us. She offers immense protection and shields us from misery. She is always ready to strike down and correct our path, whenever we go astray. She will pave the way towards all our goals and helps us achieve the highest levels of spirituality as well as material success. Her boar face indicates that She can dig deep into our karmas and will remove all the hurdles affecting our success in all matters. Her vehicle mahiṣha or buffalo, represents the ego and inertness in a person to change and reset to the same old behavior, like a buffalo bathing in the same murky waters. She riding the buffalo represents Her ability to bring about the change within us and take us forward to spiritual and material heights.
No one who seeks Her blessings and surrenders unto Her, will go empty handed. Such is Her greatness!She is also seen as the consort of Varaha, an avatar of Lord Vishnu.


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