Janmadin Birthday Puja

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Janmadin Birthday Puja

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Special Puja for a special Event such as your Birthday

Janmadin Birthday Puja  is the time for celebration and prayer. Birthday is festival occasion. Ram Birthday was celebrated, Krishna Birthday, Hanuman Birthday. Birthday should certainly be celebrated by everyone. Birthday doesn’t fall always on the same day in the Year. As per Vedic  Calendar Birthday is based on the Tithi which falls differently each Year and should be celebrated accordingly. Birthday time is the best to rectify our past karmas and ensure our good fortune. We should pray on this day for Divine blessings such as good luck, divine help, advancement, strength. T his auspicious Puja can reduce quantity of Dushkriti(Sum of all sins).This Puja/Homa Includes Ganapathi Puja along with abishekam ,Gotra Ucharan, Navagraha/ Nakshatra puja, 1008 Namavali japa ,108 Mula mantra recital and Homa performed with 1/10 japa number, 108 Mulamantra recital during homam , ends with Purnahuti, Shanti Mantras, Mantra Pushpam.


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