Gayatri Sahasranama Japa

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Gayatri Sahasranama Japa

Gayatri Sahasranama Japa(Brahma Gayatri 1108  times Recital) contains : Ganapathi Pushpanjali then recital of Brahma Gayatri 1108 times with ,Pushpanjali ,Shanti Mantras,Mantra Pushpam.

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Gayatri Sahasranama Japa is very pleasing to the  Divine Mother .Vedas are describing that when the Supreme Lord Mahavishnu , decided to create the universe, Gayatri Mantra, came out from His Divine Face .Gayatri Mantra appears in Rig Veda, as the tenth mantra within the sixtieth sutra of the third Mandala. As Vedas are eternal, Gayatri Mantra is also eternal having no birth and death.Yogavalkya Maharishi declares that Shri Gayatri is that the mother of all Vedas (in other words, the essence of all Vedas) and is that the destroyer of all sins; there is nothing beyond Shri Gayatri in both Bhu loka and Deva loka.Shri GayatriDevi is that the mother of all Vedas, declares definitely that Shri Gayatri purifies and sanctifies the Universe and there’s no other Mantra that’s beyond Gayatri Mantram and it indeed is Vigyanam.

 According to the scriptures, Gayatri Sahasranama Japa is the best mantra. This mantra is said to be chanted three times. Gayatri Sahasranama Japa should start in the morning, before sunrise. The second time for mantra Japa is noon. This mantra can be chanted even in the afternoon. The third time after this is to start chanting Gayatri Sahasranama Japa before sunset in the evening. Apart from these three times, if one wants to chant the Gayatri Sahasranama Japa, one should chant it mentally in silence. This mantra should not be chanted loudly. A person can achieve success and get rid of mental, physical and emotional issues with this Japa, the importance of mantras is to focus the mind. This faith in words can result in huge success in personal as well as professional life.

Benefits from Gayatri Sahasranama Japa

Gayatri worship increases self-confidence. Gayatri Sadhana is the most precious divine asset that one can get worldly happiness and spiritual joy by chanting this mantra. Chanting of Gayatri, an important yogic practice that can awaken secret power and amazing benefits. If a person is very stricken with life’s problems then his problems will be eradicated. Take the problems of peepal, Shani, vat, sycamore, pakar, fill raw milk in a vessel and chant a thousand Gayatri Sahasranama Japa in front of that milk. After this, by touching each Samidha in milk and chanting Gayatri Sahasranama Japa and doing homage in the fire, one gets rid of all the troubles and poverty.

Benefits for students


Chanting of the Gayatri Sahasranama Japa is useful for everyone but for students, it is very beneficial. By chanting this mantra one hundred and eight times daily, it is easy for the student to get all kinds of learning. Students can get rid of problems like not being able to read, forgetting, difficulty to remember, not remembering quickly.

To end poverty


If a person is losing in business, a job or does not get success in the work, income is low and expenditure is high then chanting Gayatri Sahasranama Japa gives them a lot of benefits. Wearing yellow clothes on Friday, meditating on Gayatri Mata, sitting on an elephant, chanting Shree Samput before and behind Gayatri Sahasranama Japa eliminates poverty. With this, if fasting on Sunday is more beneficial.

To overcome child-related problems

If a couple is having difficulty bearing a child or is unhappy with the child, or if the child is sick, then in the morning, the husband and wife should be wearing white clothes and chanting the Gayatri Sahasranama Japa by putting the Yoon Beej Mantra. They’ll get rid of any problems related to the child very soon.

To get victory over enemies


If a person is facing troubles due to enemies, then he should wear red clothes every day or especially on Tuesday, Amavasya, or Sunday, meditating on Mother Durga thrice before and after Gayatri Sahasranama Japa By chanting the Sampath one hundred and eight times, the enemy gets the victory. There is harmony among friends, unity in the family, and victory is also achieved in courts, etc. If the marriage work is delayed: If there is unnecessary delay in the marriage of any person, then by wearing yellow clothes in the morning on Monday, meditating on Mata Parvati, by chanting the mantra of Hr Bija Mantra one hundred and eight times. All the obstacles in the marriage work are removed. Both men and women can do this work.

If there are problems due to any disease


If you are troubled by any disease and want to get rid of the disease soon, then in any auspicious time, fill clean water in a bronze vessel and sit in front of it with the Gayatri Sahasranama Japa. Chant the Gayatri Sahasranama Japa by applying the tip of the diamond. Consuming water-filled vessels after chanting causes severe to severe disease. By giving this water to another patient, his disease is also destroyed.

For disease prevention


In any auspicious time, milk, curd, ghee, and honey mixed with a thousand Gayatri Sahasranama Japas are used to eliminate smallpox, eye diseases, and stomach diseases. It should have problems with peepal. Coconut and ghee with Gayatri Sahasranama Japas helps to destroy enemies. If honey is used in the bad of coconut, then luck increases.

Chanting the Gayatri Sahasranama Japa increases positivity, hatred of vindictiveness, and arouses interest in charitableness, begins to anticipate, increases the power to bless, brightens the eyes, dreams are proven Are, anger is calm, knowledge increases. Chanting of Gayatri Sahasranama Japa is the best remedy for pleasing Goddess Gayatri. All the wishes of a person who chants this mantra daily can be fulfilled. Gayatri Sahasranama Japa is the best and as powerful as any other mantras. There is no harm in this chanting of these mantras. Goddess Gayatri is glorified in all religious texts. In the Atharva Veda, Gayatri blesses her devotees with age, learning power, knowledge, children, fame, wealth. Gayatri Sahasranama Japa occupies important places in all four Veda, Yajna, Dan, Tapa.

Such mantras purify the soul, mind and the atmosphere also turns positive in the house or around the temple where such mantras are being said. The individual who will regularly practice this will always remain calm and composed. Such people have control over emotions,  and can focus on work as well as any personal goals.








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