Gaja Laxmi Puja and Homam

Significance of  Gaja Laxmi Puja and Homam : In India Hindus , Buddhists and Jains adore Lakshmi. the recognition of Lakshmi is often gauged by the actual fact that her sacred name ‘Shri’. Goddess Lakshmi is one among the Trimurti Goddesses alongside Goddess Durga and Goddess Saraswathi.One can not find proper words to properly glorify Laxmi Devi. She is epitome of mercy,success,victory,prosperity.She will  definitely bless all her devotees .Laxmi Devi  is very merciful to anyone who worships her with utmost devotion and sincerity.Patience and persistence are  two keys to open the reservoir of her blessings.Never stop worshipping her no matter what.That should be the attitude of her devotee.Worshipping Gho Matha along with Laxmi Devi is the key for  the life in abundance.We pray to both Gho Matha and Laxmi devi for blessings.
Shri Lakshmi features an extended history testified by the actual fact that her first hymn, the Shri Suktha, was added to the Rig Veda, the oldest and most revered of Hindu scriptures. Stories of Lakshmi first appeared within the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.She is know as the daughter of sage Brighu. Dev Raj or Indra exhibited disrespect to the Lakshmi Devi pushpa mala or garland gifted to him by Durvasa Rishi. This event made the Laxmi Devi take shelter within milk ocean. After stupendous efforts, the Goddess relented and emerged out of the depths of the ocean altogether her brilliant glory. She also offered wisdom, strength, beauty, luck, sovereignty and splendor  the great things in life.

Generally, the third day of Diwali is widely known as Lakshmi puja day where all Indian homes across the world arrange for a puja to worship. Before doing Lakshmi pooja we’ll first worship our primary God Ganesh and pray to Goddess Lakshmi for wealth, prosperity and well being of their relations which is so essential and common among people of various religions. the importance of performing Lakshmi puja are as given below:Family life becomes more harmonious – to every and every one within the world, their families are the foremost treasured people. Performing Lakshmi puja with all the relations creates how of harmony and ensures a peaceful environment reception.
Removes obstacles in life – We all face hardships in life and on the work front where diligence alone is not any guarantee for a successful life or career. Praying to Goddess Lakshmi brings during a way of peace and calm in our minds and helps us tackle all problems in our personal and professional life with composure.
Makes one wealthy and financially successful – a serious a part of Hindu mythology where since Goddess Lakshmi is that the creator of wealth, people worship her on this auspicious day in order that the Goddess can bless us prosper in our work life and ensure prosperity among all our relations.
Reduces negativity – Often, pandits recommend performing Lord Ganesh and Lakshmi puja to people to scale back negativity or ill will created against you thanks to one’s success at both home and the work front as how to guard you from one’s critics and assist you specialize in achieving further happiness and success.
Lakshmi puja can wipe out all sorts of poverty from the lives of the devotees. it’s believed that by doing this puja, we will please the Goddess and obtain the immense grace of the Goddess and therefore the resultant benefits.
Reference Dharmasindhu

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