Chandi Homa

Chandika Devi is very fierce and powerful deity .She is that the primordial energy that’s liable for the creation, sustenance and destruction of this complete universe. She is that the sum of the energies of all beings of this universe. By performing the Chandi Homa, one can become freed from evil eyes, curses, obstacles and that they also are blessed an enduring health, wealth and prosperity.The worship of Goddess Chandi highlights the importance of feminine energy and this is often reflected in many of its spiritual worships. Goddess Shakti is that the embodiment of all the divine forces and she or he is that the Mother of the Universe. She is that the savior of her children on the world and protects them from all the evil. The Goddess had attained various forms to kill the demons, who were torturing the humans and therefore the Devas. Devi Mahatmya talks about the importance of Chandi Devi intimately . Chandi Homam can aid in clearing off the obstacles and hurdles on the trail to success. Goddess Durga, the chief deity of this Homam will gift the performers with the facility to balance the eagerness and dispassion, indulgence and denial.Chandi Homa is performed by reciting shlokas from the Durga Sapthasathi and offering oblations into the sacrificial fire.The purpose of the Chandi Homam is to get rid of any obstacles or blockages in growth both internally and externally. Chandi Homa is one among the foremost auspicious and an elaborated Homa and Puja ritual where quite 700 of Devi Chandi Slokas or verses are chanted with full devotion and great care at a stretch, in order that you’ll get the  Divine Blessings of Durga Devi or Chandi Mata and all  your desires  fulfilled.Chandi homam helps in removing all kinds of doshas and obstacles in our life. It consist of 13 chapter’s of Markandeya Purana. Different chapters brings different blessings. Whatever your problem might be by her grace all can be achieved . Mata takes the form of Chandika Devi or trimurti Maha Laxmi, Maha Sarasawati and Maha Kali .By doing Homam different offerings are offered into the fire.
On your path to realize all desires, victory over lawsuits Chandi Homam can always support an individual . All the opposite sorts of Goddess Durga are worshipped during this Chandi Homam.

Chandi Path Blessings :
3 times – elimination of the effects of jinx’s, spells and negative energy
5 times – elimination of difficulties caused by various planets or
7 times – elimination of fears
9 times – elimination of obstacles, hardships and success in our endeavor’s
11 times – elimination of sorrow and disease
12 times – fulfillment of desires and destruction of enemies
14 times – attraction of Women, power, name and fame
15 times – boon of having pleasant life and obtaining immense wealth
16 times – boon of begetting sons and grandsons
17 times – boon of promotion in Career and Business and reaching the highest post
18 times – boon of getting the occult powers
20 times – boon of ending the War
25 times – boon of getting the powers to command and rule in life
100 times – boon of health and fulfilment of all desires
100 times- boon of getting the
Siddhis or mystical powers
10 000 times- boon of getting what we project as well as boon of prediction of the future
100 000 times – boon of getting the status of a king, invincibility, enlightenment all the Riddhi (wealth and prosperity) and Siddhi (intellectual and spiritual powers).

Benefits of Performing Chandi Homam:

Getting success, wealth, prosperity, fame.
Removal of fear, health, longevity.
Fulfilling of Desires, food, progeny, strength.
Removing ailments.
Removing danger and defeat within the hand of adversaries.
Elimination of all sufferings protection from all miseries.
Rescue you from any Harm and dangers.
Getting of spiritual benefits.
Giving you the victory.


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