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Bhairava e1590101225648

The first syllabus ‘Bhai ‘ means fear and also means refulgent light and both .

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Shiva Puja e1592585298522

Lord Shiva the Lord of mercy and compassion. Shiva Puja protects devotees from evil .

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This  Puja will be performed  once and total number is 11 times for  11 .

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Vishnu e1594162491303

The name of Lord Vishnu is also Narayan. Lord Shri Vishnu provides shelter to .

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Laxmi puja 1 scaled e1594078166446

Goddess Laxmi the feminine energy of the God . Laxmi Puja  and Homam holds .

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Narasimha  e1594079557313

This  is a simple  way to please the Lord. Laxmi Narasimha Puja brings you .

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IMG 20181220 WA0002 1 e1594137346997

This puja is suggested for a married couples especially for a newly married .Satya .

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IMG 20181212 WA0014 e1594162747339

Sudarshana Chakra spinning, disks weapon with 108 serrated edges employed by the Vishnu. The .

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New Laxmi  e1594163603262

In Hindu culture, the goddess Laxmi is believed to be the epitome of wealth, .

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IMG 20181026 WA0000 e1594165526260

Sri Rama or Sri Ram (राम) (రామ) or Sri Raamar (Tamil) is that the .

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DSC01657 1 scaled e1594164714165

By worshiping  Lord Hari  trough Vishnu Shalagram Puja within the shalagrama-shilas decorated with chakras, .

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In homes, Pujas are performed for special occasions like anniversaries, graduations, the birth of .

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