Rudra Homam

Shiva  destroys  in Rudra Homam all the evil forces. As the supreme Lord of the universe, he gives you inner peace, a sense of accomplishment and gives you all the pleasures of this World. Rudra has control of the nine planets and therefore controls all time and space. The first anuvaka of Sri Rudram is the  prayer to please the Eshwara who is  angry with those who break their orders. The second within the ninth anuvakas contains the varied names that attribute its supremacy, its omnipresence, his nature and other aspects that are worshiped. The ten prayers of the anuvaka are addressed to Eshwara to satisfy the desires and eliminate all the obstacles of the lifetime of the yajamana .There are eleven Anuvakas or chapters in Shri Rudra and eleven Anuvakas in Chamaka Prashna. Shri Rudra praises God Shiva and Chamaka anuvakas direct our prayers to Shri Rudra. Rudra homa is a powerful homam or fire ritual for cleansing the system of all deep-rooted disorders. We find Shri Rudra in Yajur Veda Samhita. There are eleven chapters in Shri Rudram . Sri Rudra cosnsists of Chamakam and Namakam .All this anuvakas praise Lord Shiva Shiva and therefore the chamaka anuvakas direct our prayers to Sri Rudra. Prayers ask him to provide us with all the things necessary for our survival and prosperity.The Rudra homam is performed to invoke the grace of Rudra, one among the various energies of Shiva. Science of Homam is a Vedic ritual which helps us hook up with the earth element, one among the five major elements in Nature.
In the eleventh anuvaka, the Rudra Ganas are worshiped. The important aspect all Vedic mantras used for traditional rituals is that their constant repetition invokes cosmic powers to help those who are implicated by negative powers. Therefore, the greater the amount of repetitions of the mantra, the greater its effect.
Different types of Rudra Homam are:
Eka Rudra Homam
Ekadasha Rudra Homam
Maha Rudra Homam
Athi Rudra Homam
Homa is the made by offering different ahutis such as ghee,Bilva patra,honey,sesam seeds etc . The Cosmic energy is invoked within the homam fire through prayer and visualization. The fire is energized by the chanting of mantras, allowing the energy to spiral upward and outward into the surrounding environment. Performing a homam cleanses and rejuvenates the environment by allowing an abundant inflow of prana (life-force) into the atmosphere. The fire (Agni) of the homam helps awaken the jataragni or inner fire present in each person , which is liable for proper digestion of food and dissemination of food energy. Rudra is considered the greatest universal penance of all penances. It is believed  that Lord Krishna sang Shri Rudram during the Kurukshetra War.By Performing Rudra Homam, one can benefit relief from unnecessary problems, protection from external forces, resolve relationship issues, get rid of negativity, create cordial atmospheres at work and at home, clarity in thoughts & deeds, achieve success and helps in longevity of life.
The Siddha-Ayurvedic herbs offered into the homam fire depart vibrations which directly reach our deeper energy layers. Interestingly, the smoke from a sacred homam can heal diseases like asthma which are categorized by a really low tolerance to atmospheric pollutants. The sacred ash from a homa acts as a repository of energy and may heal a variety of diseases when applied on the skin.The science of Homam’s Vedic ritual states that Homam helps us in our life by connecting us with Agni the Lord of Fire , which is one among the five elements of nature. Rudra Homam is a powerful fire ritual that aims to purify a person’s inner spiritual system, all deeply rooted disorders, by invoking the grace of Sri Rudra, one among the various sorts of energy Shiva. Rudra is taken into account the best universal penance of all penances. it’s assumed that Lord Krishna sang Sri Rudram during the Kurusheshtra War.
Reference Dharma Sindhu


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