Ramayan Sundarkand Parayana

This is the best gift for you and your family.The original Sundara Kanda is in Sanskrit and was composed by Valmiki, who was the primary to scripturally record the Ramayana. Ramayan Sundarkand Parayana is the excellent remedy for various problems in your life. Sundara Kanda is that the only chapter of the Ramayana during which the hero isn’t Rama, but rather Hanuman. Anjani mata was calling Hanuman Sundara so Rishi Valmiki picked this name over others as this kanda deals mainly with Hanuman’s journey to Lanka. Other versions of the Sundara Kanda exist in other languages also , as an example in Awadhi, the language during which the saint Tulsidas wrote the Ramacharitamanas.

Benefits of Ramayan Sundarkand Recital:

Shri Parameshwara said “I would summarize the greatness of Sundara Kanda for you, because to inform intimately , only the good Lord Ramachandra is capable. Similar to the very fact that God Rama is that the greatest among Devas, almost like the very fact that Kalpaga tree is greatest among trees, almost like the very fact that the Kousthubha gem is greatest among gems, in Ramayana, Sundara Kanda is that the greatest chapter. By reading or taking note of Sundara Kanda with devotion, all the needs are fulfilled, all dangers will vanish, all diseases are going to be cured and every one sorts of wealth will grow. Especially it’s the best panacea for those that suffer from great diseases.Salvation can be achieved.Effect of attack of devils, ghosts, spirits can be warded off,To get rid of dullness of brain.To get permanent wealth and happiness.To get rid of bad dreams,To get good behavior,To rejoin with lost relatives,To get rid of impending danger,To get pardon from God for insult done to him knowingly and unknowingly,To win over enemies,To become just and charitable,To get peace and happiness,To get perennial happiness and to attain God,To get what one wishes,To understand God and to become one capable of sweet words.


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