Puja Remedies for Diseases

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Puja Remedies for Diseases

Remedy Ekadasha Rudrabhishekam

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This  is very important since many people don’t realize the importance of excellent health, and albeit they are doing , they’ll still disregard it. Puja remedies for diseases are best remedy for your health boost. Whether we work on home or in an office, we’d like healthiness so as to perform our duties well. When people mention health, they typically ask the condition of the body. However, health doesn’t merely mean being free from physical pain or the symptoms of disease. The mind is of crucial consideration within the overall assessment of well being. The necessity of excellent health isn’t limited to a specific religion, caste, creed or gender. A person are often said to be healthy when his or her body is healthy and therefore the mind is obvious and calm. While many of us might not have material problems, they’ll be unhappy or agitated at the psychological level. They may suffer from insomnia thanks to stress, or feel depressed, irritable and aimless. All these are the result of an unbalanced mind.
We strive for materialistic ends, like lucrative income, status, an enormous house, an upscale car, jewelry then on, because we believe this stuff will make us happy. Seldom can we give attention to our mind and soul, which the time and resources we spend in trying to satisfy our physical needs and desire, we are still unable to realize lasting peace and happiness through satisfaction of bodily needs. This is because we have not learned how to listen to our mind and soul.


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