Puja Remedies for Bad Karma

This is very powerful remedy It is recommended for all sorts of problems. Puja remedies for bad karma is done to Lord  Ayyapa  Swami  who  is very merciful and he surely will help. Just have faith in him. Lord Ayyapa Swamy is the son of Mohini and Lord Shiva, the Puja for Ayyapa Swamy is performed by invoking Lord Ayyapa Swami by chanting the mantras ,offering archana to him , chanting his 108 names and offering different items for his pleasure and satisfaction .The Puja is carried out by performing Kalasha Puja by chanting shlokas and lighting the ghee lamps.
When to Perform Ayyappa Swamy Puja?
Ayyappa Swamy Puja can be done on the auspicious day of your choice. Normally people choose to do trough December. It starts from Vrischika 1th which continues to 41 days.There are certain rules which needs to be observed during this time period such as celibacy and living simple life.
Benefits of Ayyappa Swamy Puja are different .Ayyappa Swamy Puja is greatly helpful in mastering one’s own mind and it helps in one having more self control and self esteem which will help them succeed in their lives.
Performing this Puja helps in reducing the ill effects caused by Shanidev in one’s horoscope.
This Puja helps in purifying the mind body and soul and helps in leading a healthy and happy life.


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