Name giving Puja Ceremony

Namakarana (Sanskrit: नामकरण, Nāmakaraṇa) or naming ceremony is the fifth of the 16 saṃskāras performed by the Hindus . According to the Grihya Sutras, it should be performed on the tenth or the Epiphany after birth. But opinions of the later authorities range from the tenth day to the first day of the second year. The Name giving Puja Ceremony  is either held at home or at temple where the priest offers prayers to all the gods and to the Agni, the weather , and therefore the spirits of the forefathers entreats them to bless and protect the kid . The child`s horoscope if written is additionally placed ahead of the image of the deity for blessings. If the naming ceremony isn’t done on the 12th day, it are often done on the 101 day or on the primary birthday. After the ceremony a feast is typically arranged to mark the holy occasion and vegetarian meals are prepared. The mother is specially honored because she brought the kid into the planet . All the relatives and therefore the guests who are present bless the kid and offer gifts to the kid and the parents. The blessings say that the kid should grow into being an excellent person like his renowned forefathers. Though the infant, obviously, doesn’t understand the meaning of the ceremony the oldsters do; and it helps them to know the responsibility of mentioning and developing the child into a worthy human being. For others who are present it is a reassuring experience of understanding the dignity and value of human life!


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