Maha Ganapathi Puja and Homam

Maha Ganapathi Puja and Homam
Maha Ganapathi Puja and Homam



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The most famous and loved Hindu god is Lord Ganesh. For Indians, living in any a part of the planet, no activity begins without the Maha Ganapathi Puja and Homam. Ganesha is the considered as primary god ‘Aadi Deva’ and without worshiping him Hindus will not start occasions.He is the one who gets first the offering and no any ritual starts without him.
Ganesh Puja marks the occasion when Lord Ganesha leaves his abode on Mount Kailash to visit the homes of devotees and bless them with good luck and happiness all year round.
Story of Lord Ganesha’s Birth:
We are all conversant in the story of how Ganesha became the elephant-headed God. As per Hindu mythology, goddess Parvati used her sandalwood paste and created boy in the absence of Shiva. After this, she assigned him the task of guarding her bathroom door. When Shiva returned home, boy and Shiva got into a tiff when the former did not allow Shiva to enter home. In a fit of anger, Lord Shiva severed the head of the boy. Parvati was shocked when she saw this. She explained to Shiva that the boy was their son and pleaded with Shiva to save lots of him in the least costs. Shiva then instructed his helpers to travel and obtain the top of somebody who was sleeping with their head pointing to the North. The helpers then got the top of an elephant, which Shiva affixed to the boy’s torso and Ganesha was born.
Significance of Maha Ganapathi Puja and Homam:
In Hindu tradition it’s believed that worshiping Lord Ganesha has several benefits to individuals and families alike for the subsequent reasons:
Worshiped permanently fortune – Individuals & Hindu families worldwide regard it as an honest fortune to always pray or conduct a Ganapathi Puja as they consider it very auspicious and an honest omen that the work/business will start with great success.
Marriage, Gruhapravesh & every religious ceremony – Lord Ganesha is considered the most powerful & auspicious God and hence be it a wedding, poonal (thread ceremony), engagement, 50th birthday, anniversary celebrations even buying a replacement house, every ceremony begins with a chant of Lord Ganesha’s mantras.
Long and peaceful life – Ganapathi homam or havan is devoted to Lord Ganesha to enhance family bondage, to convert enemies, to hold away disease, to succeed in the planned objectives. Ganapathi Puja and Homam is performed for getting happiness and good health in our life.
Obstacle remover : We all as human beings’ face obstacle or the other in our varied walks of life. Hence in our rich Hindu tradition, we frequently pray to the mighty Lord to shower us together with his blessings and protect us from all evil and guide us to lead a happy and peaceful life.
Ganesha is that the Lord of Wisdom and therefore the Remover of Difficulties.He has small mouth and big ears what means that he doesn’t talk too much but he listens very carefully. His belly can digest any food salty,sweet,spicy etc  and even Lord Kuber could not fill up his belly.So powerful he is that he can digest anything and any quantity especially sweets.His favorite sweet dish is Modak. Ganapathi Puja is a full and complete puja that contains forms of Vedic, Puranic, and modern worship. May you and your family get all happiness with this Puja. Come join in the delight of worship!

                     Ganapathi Puja with Ganapathi Sahasranama Pushpa Archana
Ganapathi Kalasha Puja
Ganapati Avahana
Panchaamritam abishekam (milk,yogurt,ghee,sugar,honey)
Shodasa Upachara Puja with 16 items
Ganapathi Parayanam 1000 moola mantra Japam with 108 Modaka ahutis
3 Pandits included Total 235 Euro
Video Provided with your name ,Nakshatra,Rashi,Lagna and Sankalpa.


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