Maha Rudra Yaga

The great Yaga dedicated to Lord Shiva

Among the four Vedas – Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana , Yajur Veda is very special. In Yajur Veda ‘Shri Rudram ’ is considered the most sacred. Maha Rudra Yaga is great remedy for any problem in your life. The Shri Rudram consists of two parts – “Namakam and Chamakam” each containing eleven ‘Anuvakas’ (inner divisions.)The Yajur Veda thaitriya Samhitai contains seven cantos and Panchatchara Mantra (NA-MA-SI-VA-YA) occupies the prime position in the middle of the 4th Canto.Shri Rudram chanting and performing homa had an important place in the daily worship of devotees from time immemorial. All our desires are fulfilled by chanting Shri Rudram.The Maha Rudra Yaga is performed for a continuously 5 Days :121 Pandits will chant 11 times the Sri Rudram totaling to 1331 times (121×11=1331) followed by 121 times chamakam (one Anuvakam of chamakam on each round completion of Rudram ). 11 Pandits will perform Dashamsa (1/10 of 1331 =133 times homa with Rudra and chamaka mantras. Because of the huge nature of the japa and homa it is known as Maha Rudra Yaga.By performing Maharudra Yaga it will bestow us with all benefits and wipe out all our sins.Evil is the most powerful thing in the world of all times. The good things lack power whereas evil
things are more powerful these days. Our forefathers handled many of the evils that affected us.
One of them is the Homam ritual. There are many types of Yaga which are done to prevent evil
things. Here we can learn about Maha Rudra Yaga and the benefits of doing so.
Rudrabhishekam which cures diseases and relieves from environmental problems like famines. It
helps to get rid of ignorance and attain enlightenment. Sri Rudram is a very strong mantra. It is a
well-known fact that after the Rudrabhishekam Yaga to the Swami in many Shiva temples, many
auspicious ceremonies took place and Kumbabhishekam took place, and people got freedom from
their suffering. It is a fact that doing Maha Rudra Yaga is also beneficial for completing the blocked
tasks and making life easier.
Benefits of anointing with Sri Rudra Japam, Homam
Those who perform Sri Rudra Japam, Homam, and Abhishekam also get rid of famines. They get rid
of ignorance and attain enlightenment. Natural resources, the nature of the country, rainfall, relief
from deadly diseases, relief from neurological diseases, relief from family problems, auspicious
events, employment, career, business development, husband and wife can get various benefits. The
Sutasamhita states that there is no parallel to Sri Rudra in the Vedas or Smriti. Doing such a sublime
Sri Rudram Japithu Rudra Homa and Rudrabhishekam has great results. When the supreme classical
Sri Rudram is chanted regularly, the vibrations of the sound waves, the rays of light coming from the
fire of Rudra Yaga, and the smoke purify the cosmic world and remove the difficulties and sufferings
of worldly life and give the omnipotent Siddhas.
Ekadasi Rudram
Saying Rudram 11 times is called Ekadasi Rudram. It is done by 11 people, 121 times. ‘Laku Rudram.
If the Laku Rudra is recited 11 times, in the Maha Rudra Yaga we can get many benefits as described
earlier. Shiva Ji is pleased with Rudrabhishek, and he will fulfill every wish, Lord Shiva is pleased with
the worship of his devotees. But if you have something special in your mind, then Rudrabhishek of
Shiva can be the most auspicious way. According to astrologers, by doing Rudrabhishek at the right
time, you can get the desired blessing from Shiva. Because Rudra’s Abhishek, of Shiva is very dear to
Glory of Maha Rudra Yaga Abhishek
Bholenath is also pleased with the simplest worship, but Rudrabhishek is the most desired deed by
him. It is said that by pleasing Shiva with Rudrabhishek, you can get the power to make even the
impossible things possible. You can also do Maha Rudra Yaga at the right time to achieve the grace
and blessings of shiva. Rudra is a fierce form of Lord Shiva. By the grace of Shiva, all the nakshatra
related problems and all the health related problems are destroyed. Offering special things with
mantras on Shivling is called Rudrabhishek. In Rudrabhishek, Swami recites the mantras of
Yajurveda’s Rudrashtadhyayi. Rudrabhishek is more auspicious in the spring season. By doing
Rudrabhishek, wishes are fulfilled quickly. Rudrabhishek is the best way to remove any sufferings in
the world.
Anointing with different things
If there is no Shivling, you can anoint the thumb as a Shivling. In Rudrabhishek, different things are
used according to desire. Astrology tells us how to achieve the desired results related to the thing
with which Rudrabhishek is fulfilled, then let us tell you which item will fulfill your desire by doing
Rudrabhishek. Anointing with a stream of ghee increases descent. Abhisheka is destroyed by the
anointing and the wishes are fulfilled. A person becomes a scholar by anointing sugar mixed with
milk. By anointing with honey, chronic diseases are destroyed. Anointing with cow’s milk provides
healing. Anointing with sugar-mixed water makes it easy to get children. By consecration with
Bhasma, man attains salvation and salvation. In some special circumstances, Shiva is also anointed
with oil.
Time and Muhurta have special significance in doing any religious work. Some good yaga is also
made for Rudrabhishek. Let’s know what is the best time to do Rudrabhishek. For Rudrabhishek it is
very important to see the presence of Shiva. Never perform Rudrabhishek without seeing Shiva’s
When is Shiva’s japam Mangalkari, fruitful?
Mahadev, the God of gods, roams the universe. Mahadev is sometimes with mother Gauri and
sometimes sits on Kailash. On the second and ninth day of the Shukla Paksha of every month, Shiva
lives with mother Gauri. Every month, Lord Shiva stays with Mother Gauri on Pratipada, Ashtami,
and Amavasya of Krishna Paksha. On the Chaturthi and Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha, Mahadev dwells
on Kailash. Mahadev stays on Kailash even on Panchami and Dwadashi of Shukla Paksha. On
Panchami and Dwadashi of Krishna Paksha, Lord Shiva rides the whole world by riding on Nandi.
Shiva goes around the world on the Shukla Paksha Shashti and Trayodashi Tithi. For Rudrabhishek,
Mahadev’s residence on these dates is auspicious.
When is Shiva’s abode ungodly?
Rudrabhishek is the best way to worship Shiva, but it is very important to take care of Shiva’s
unwelcome abode before performing Rudrabhishek. Lord Shiva resides in the tomb in the
crematorium on the seventh and Chaturdashi of Krishna paksha. Shiva’s Pratipada, Ashtami, and
Poornima are also kept in samadhi in Shiva crematorium. Mahadev on the Dwitiya and Navami of
Krishna Praksha hear the problems of the gods. Nataraja is busy with the Tritiya and Dashami of
Krishna Paksha. On the Chaturthi and Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha, Nataraj is busy in the kriyas. Rudra
dines on Krishnapaksha’s Shashti and Trayodashi. Rudra is also eaten on the seventh and
Chaturdashi of Shukla paksha. These dates cannot be anointed for wish fulfillment.
When are dates not considered?
Some fasts and festivals are always auspicious for Maha Rudra Yaga abhishek. There is no need to
take care of dates in those days. Shivratri does not need to be on Monday, Pradosh, and Sawan. In
The area of Siddha Peeth or Jyotirlinga for Maha Rudra Yaga abhishek both these places and times
are always favorable. All your wishes will be fulfilled by the grace of Shiva, then Maha Rudra Yaga
abhishek can be done as you wish. Sri Rudram is the mantra of peace and the mantra of atonement
for all sins. Harath acharya praises the Veda as the eye of Sri Rudra and the Panchaksharam. Of the
63 Nayans, Rudra Pasupathi Nayanar was the recipient of Sri Rudram Japithu Siva mukti.
It is stated in the Suta Samhita that “all the deities are satisfied by Maha Rudra Yaga, just as all the
branches thrive when they are watered at the root of a tree.”

Total :121 Pandits

Benefits of Performing Maha Rudra Yaga:

Earth and treasures on it and inside it.
Worldly and non-worldly enjoyments.
Happiness in this World and happiness in the other World .
Everything spiritual.
Everything material.


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