Durga Devi Ashtottara shatanamavali

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Durga Devi Ashtottara shatanamavali
Devi Ashtottara Shatanamavali  Devi 108 Names Recital contains : Ganapathi Pushpanjali then recital of 108 Mantras with ,Pushpanjali ,Shanti Mantras,Mantra Pushpam.

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This is the glorification of the Devi in her  various 108 names . Durga Devi Ashtottara shatanamavali is the way to please the Goddess and humbly pray for her mercy.

Mata Rani occupies the highest position among all the goddesses in Hinduism. They are
called Ambe, Jagadambe, Sherawali, Pahadwali, etc. They have hundreds of temples all over
India. There is more Shaktipeeth than Jyotirlinga. Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Parvati are the
wives of deva. Durgadevi ashtottara shatanamavali has highest level of importance in the
hindu dharma as these names are associated with the supreme power, the power of mother
nature. Different information about the story behind these names are found in the Puranas.
It is also important to know. Those who have complete knowledge about Mother Queen or
“Mata Rani” are their true devotees. Although it is also true that to learn everything about
them you’ll have to read a lot of books/articles about them.
The secret stories of Amba, Jagadamba, Sarveshwari!
Ambika: According to Shivpuran, that indestructible Param Brahma (Kaal) expressed the
wish of having multiple forms. Then that formless God conceived the shape with his Leela
power, which is the Supreme Brahman. Param Brahma means monolithic Brahman. He is
the supreme Brahma Lord Sadasiva. The Sadashiv, who volunteered on one side, created
power from his Vigraha (body), which was never going to be separated from him. Durgadevi
ashtottara shatanamavali gives strength to the one who listens to it every day. Sadashiv’s
strength is said to be of the dominant nature, quality of Maya, the mother of the intellect
element, and unvarnished. She is called Shakti Ambika (not Parvati or Sati). She is also called
Trideva Janani i.e., mother of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. There are 8 arms of that power
as revealed by Sadasiva.
Let’s read about the various avatars of Durgadevi and their stories:
Devi Durga Devi: There was a great powerful monster born in the dynasty of Hiranyaksha,
son of Ruru named Durga Devimasura. All the deities were struck by Durga Devi asur. He
surrounded the city of Indra, Amravati. The gods were inferior to Shakti, as a result, they
considered it best to flee from heaven. They hid in the mountains, started worshiping
Ambika devi and asked for her help. The Goddess appeared and blessed the Gods to be
fearless. A messenger told Durga Devimasura all this saga and there was talk of the
incarnation of the protector of the gods. Takshan got angry and went for war with all his
weapons and his army. A fierce battle ensued and Devi destroyed all her army including
Durga Devi Masura. Since then this goddess is called Durga Devi. By reciting Durgadevi
ashtottara shatanamavali every human will be blessed with devi’s power.
Mother Sati: Lord Shankar is also called Mahesh and Mahadev. The same Shankar first
married Dakshayani, daughter of Daksha Raja. These Dakshayani are called Sati. Sati ended
her life by jumping into the yagna of her father Daksha because of insulting her husband
Shankar. Lord Shankar roamed with the body of Mother Sati. Wherever the ornaments of
Goddess Sati fell, Shakti Peethas or temples were built there. After this, Mata Sati took birth in
Himalaya Raja as Parvati and did severe yagya for Lord Shiva and got Shiva as her husband
and is worshipped as Parvati. Durgadevi ashtottara shatanamavali has great importance in
hindu mythology, these stories are read by hindu’s before beginning any positive task or
starting a new business.
Mother Parvati: Mother Parvati was the second wife of Shankar who was a Sati in the
previous birth. Goddess Parvati’s father’s name was Himwan and his mother’s name was
Rani Manavati. Mata Parvati is called Gauri, Mahagauri, Pahariwali, and Sherawali. Mata.
Parvati is also considered as Durga Devi Swaroopa. Parvati’s two sons are believed to be
prominent, one is Shri Ganesh and the other is Karthikeya. All the stories depict the
supreme power of the Devi and have always shown the victory of good over bad.
Kali: According to mythological belief, Lord Shiva had four wives. The first Sati who sacrificed
her life by jumping into the yajna. This sati came in the second birth as Parvati, who has sons
Ganesh and Karthikeya. Then there was a third wife of Shiva and she was called Uma.
Goddess Uma has also been called the Goddess of the land. It is the only temple in
Uttarakhand. Mother Uma is the fourth wife of Lord Shiva. He killed the terrible demons on
this earth. Kali Mata was the one who killed Asura Raktabij. Kali was also the daughter of
Goddess Amba.
Mahishasura Mardini: The daughter of a Katyayan sage from Nav Durga Devi killed
Mahishasura, the son of Rambha Sur. He had the boon of Brahma that he would be killed at
the hands of a woman. After killing her, Mother called Mahishasura Mardini. According to
one saint. A divine glory emerged from the body of all the gods and appeared as a
supremely beautiful woman. All the gods presented their weapons in the service of
Mahamaya. Pleased with the gods, Bhagwati soon assured to free him from the fear of
Mahishasura and killed him after a fierce battle. Shri Durga Devi Ashtottara Shatnamavali
Stotra are among the Mangalacharan Mantras of Shri Durga Devi Saptashati and it is said
that Shri Durga Devi Ashtottara Shatanamavali Stotram is the only way to please the
Tulja Bhavani and Chamunda Mata: Worship of Mata Tulja Bhavani and Chamunda Mata is
prevalent in many places across the country. Mata Ambika called Chamunda because of the
slaying of Asuras named Chand and Mund. Tulja Bhavani Mata is also known as Mahishasura
Ten Mahavidyas: Some of the ten Mahavidyas are Goddess Amba, some are Sati or Parvati
and some are other daughters of King Daksha.
Katha: According to Padma Purana, both brothers Madhu and Kaitabh were towards
Hiranyaksha in Devasur Sangram. According to the Markandeya Purana, Uma killed Catabh,
causing her to be called ‘Katha’.
108 names of Durga Devi Maa are described in Shri Durga Devi Ashtottara Shatanamavali
Stotram is one of the invocation mantras of Sri Durga Devi Sapta-Shati. In this, Lord Shiva
says that Durga Devi or Sati can be pleased by addressing 108 names. Those who read these
108 names of Durga Devi avatar with true devotion and purity every day, for them nothing is
impossible in Trilok. Such people receive benefits such as happiness, wealth, willfulness,
descendants, religion, artha, kama, and finally attain moksha.


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